Welcome to Asteroids!
An object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and direction, unless acted upon by an external force..

Player 1:
Forward Thrusters!
Reverse Thrusters!
Turn Left
Turn Right
spacebar Fire Bullet

Asteroids are your friends.. until your shields are depleted.. Use them for cover, or just watch the physics unfold!
Player 2's AI will rotate to track you and destroy you!
You are invulnerable for 3 seconds every time asteroids respawn.
Your shields can take 3 hits; after that, be careful!
They will regenerate slowly if you don't take any more damage.
The slightest space debris will destroy your craft without shields.

TL:DR: press and hold down Spacebar to spam bullets;
dodge or shoot the enemy red bullets.
Launch Game

A winner is you!!!

Game Over!! You lost :(

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